About Us

Welcome to Stay Tamed. Tame your stay while you travel. Don't let hotels decide what rent you have to pay for the rooms. Take Control. Compare the rates and choose the best price.

About stay tamed: Stay tamed is part of the traveltamed.com project.

On travel tamed we get a lot of questions on hotel bookings, like which one to take and what to expect as fair rates. When it comes to hotel prices, it is always difficult to suggest anything in perticulr. So, we made this site. Now you don't have to ask us for recomendations, you can search it yourself.

Comparing the prices has never been more easier. So much choices, just pick the best one. Make sure to do all the research before you book your hotel.

We will come up with more details and information on hotel searches. We do that on travel tamed all the time and we will do so here as well. So stay tuned and keep searching.